About Minimally Invasive surgery

Historically, most surgeries have been performed via laparotomy

And 60% of hysterectomies are still performed that way today. This “traditional” type of surgery can often result in a lengthy and painful recovery period and a large scar. Women should know that they now often have the option to undergo Minimally Invasive Surgery (surgery performed through small incisions). This small incision surgery can reduce pain, suffering, recovery time and costs.

Dr. Kondrup has trained hundreds of surgeons around the world in the techniques of laparoscopic surgery. He specializes in small incisions and has recently published a technique on doing surgery through a single bellybutton incision and a tiny “needle stick” incision near the hairline [link to “SAL” surgery video].

He continues to present techniques at national and international conferences and was awarded first prize in category in 2011 at the American Association of Gynecological Laparoscopists (AAGL) an international conference on laparoscopic surgery.