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When I first came to Dr. Kondrup, 12 years ago, I had been through some very bad experiences for treatment of endometriosis (since age 14). I was newly married and concerned about possibly never having a healthy pregnancy. He took the time to listen to our concerns and give us options for treatment. I feel that had we not found Dr. Kondrup my endometriosis would have taken away my fertility. I have had numerous surgical procedures performed by him and can’t say enough about his surgical skills. (He travels worldwide educating and being educated in the most advanced surgical techniques.) He has always presented me with my options and helped me make the decisions for my health/well being without pressuring me into any treatment I was not comfortable with. Most of all he and his entire staff are caring, comforting and trustworthy. I never wait long to make an appointment, be it a basic checkup or emergency visit. Phone calls are returned promptly. They treat me for me and know me, not just my chart.
Amy D. Patient