Hereditary Cancers

“What a crying shame to look into those beautiful blue eyes of my patient and know that we could have probably prevented hers and her daughter’s invasive breast cancer if only her OB/GYN had tested her for the BRCA gene she carries.” “She is beautiful and finally smiles after she lets me touch her fuzzy baldhead. It’s a lot like mine!”

James Dana Kondrup, MD talking about his BRCA 1 positive patient

Dr. Kondrup’s message to patients:

I am so passionate about this subject that I have dedicated an entire page to it. All I can say is, Woman take charge! Don’t count on your healthcare provider to screen and test you for hereditary cancers. For some reason they just don’t get it. They will screen your for breast lumps and abnormal PAP smears but not the hereditary genes. But guess what? The gene turns out to have a positive result more often than those other tests.

Even the college of OB/GYN’s and family practitioners states that your health care provider should screen you for the hereditary genes that can significantly increase your risk of cancer.

How hard is it to get the test? Easy! Just spit onto a tube or get a blood test. Yes that is it. Myriad does all the insurance legwork for you and me.

So visit this page: and see if you are at risk. Do it now!


For more detailed information go to for full info.

Dr. Kondrup’s message to healthcare providers:

Please, please get educated on screening patients both male and female. The hereditary genes occur equally in men and women. You really have no choice. Your college recommends that you test. You can’t pass this off to the genetic counselors. There aren’t enough of them and it can be expensive for patients. Research shows that only a small percentage goes when referred.

Also, I can’t help you! That’s right. I can’t help you if your patient or their relative gets one of the hereditary cancers and she sues you. If you were obligated to screen or refer and you didn’t then it is an indefensible act and you will be below the standard of care.

Hereditary Cancer and Dr. Kondrup:

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Dr. Kondrup is a national speaker and trainer for Myriad Genetics. He is passionate about educating healthcare providers and patients about their risk of hereditary cancers. He was the first gynecologist in the Southern Tier to begin hereditary screening for hereditary Breast & Ovarian cancer (BRCA gene, like Angelina Jolie) and hereditary colon, ovary and uterine cancer (Lynch syndrome).

“Why did I become involved? It’s simple: I nearly missed testing a patient who carries the breast cancer (BRCA) gene, I had a patient who was not tested by her previous gynecologist and developed ovarian cancer [and died] and I missed testing a patient for hereditary colon cancer.” “I never want to make those mistakes again…ever!”

James Dana Kondrup, M.D., FACOG

He was also the first gynecologist to begin screening patients with the new myRisk test from Myriad genetics that screens for 25 genes covering 8 hereditary cancers.

“I’ve been waiting such a long time for this ‘panel’ test. Yes, Yes there are other genes besides the BRCA gene that raises you risks for developing breast cancer. We have now found several patients that carry the ‘Chek2’ and ‘ATM’ gene that the traditional test would have missed.” “In addition we can now look at other cancer risks including colon, ovary, uterus, bowel, melanoma, prostate and pancreas, etc.”

James Dana Kondrup, M.D., FACOG

Dr. Kondrup receives consults from other gynecologists, GI doctors, family practitioners and patients for hereditary testing.

“I feel so fortunate and honored to be able to actually “save lives” by screening patients for hereditary cancer and then taking action for prevention or early detection.”

James Dana Kondrup, M.D., FACOG